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“Hey. I updated my iPhone 7 Plus to iOS 11, and everything carried over, except my text messages. Now I can send/receive new texts, but all my previous ones are gone from the Messages app. I can see all of the old texts on my MacBook, but not my phone.  How can I get them to appear on my iPhone again?”

While bringing the new features, bug fixes and security improvements, iOS 11 upgrade may also bring some data loss to you just like the above user said.

If your messages accidentally disappeared after updating to the latest iOS 11.1 and now searching for the methods to recover your lost text messages and iMessages conversations, you come to the right place. In this post, we will provide you 3 methods to easily recover your iPhone messages that you lost after updating to iOS 11.1 or iOS 11.

Your iPhone Messages Really Gone After iOS 11.1 Update? Can You Get Back the Missing Messages?

If you noticed that some or all messages disappeared from iPhone, but the storage still shows a large usage for Messages, it indicates that missing messages probably are not really gone and still exist on your iPhone. In addition, your iPhone data usually will be backed up with iTunes or iCloud. Therefore, you will very probably get back the missing text messages or iMessages.

3 Methods  to Recover Disappeared Messages (iOS 11/11.1)

Firstly, you’d better not to create new contents on your device because it may overwrite your lost messages on your device.

Method 1. Restart your iPhone.

This is one simple and basic tip you could have a try to fix any iPhone issues. If it’s been a long time since you last turned off your iPhone, you can hold sleep/wake button, slide to Power Off your device and then turn on your iPhone again after several minutes. In this way, your messages app will close completely and then load all conversation again. This may bring back your lost messages conversations.

Restart iPhone to fix messages disappeared from iPhone

Restart iPhone to fix messages disappeared from iPhone

Method 2. Restore from iPhone backup.

If you have a habit of backing up iPhone with iTunes or iCloud regularly, it is very likely that your missing chat history would be in your iPhone backups. If you lost messages chat history after updating to iOS 11 or iOS 11.1.1, you can have a try to restoring from a recent backup to get back lost data.

But you should notice that it requires you to erase all contents on your iPhone before restoring, which means you will lose the data that you created after last backup.

Erase all contents and settings

Erase all contents and settings

It’s not wise to recover data with another data loss. Therefore, next we offer you one secure method to recover iPhone data.

Method 3. Recover iPhone messages with one secure data recovery app.

If you don’t want to lose any data on your smartphone, you may need one secure iOS data recovery app to get back your iOS 11 deleted messages instead of restoring. iOS Data Recovery,  a professional iPhone data recovery tool, can be a good choice for you.

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With this tool, you can view messages chat history and attached images in iPhone backup files without restoring. Besides, if you didn’t backup iPhone, it’s also helpful because you can use it to directly scan your iOS device to find the lost or deleted text messages.

Below we will use iOS Data Recovery and show you how to use this kind of software to recover iPhone messages.

Step 1. Download and install iOS Data Recovery free trial on computer.

Step 2. Connect iPhone to computer and choose Recover Mode.

How to Recover SMS/iMessages After Downgrading from iOS 11

How to recover disappeared messages in iOS 11/iOS 11.1

Step 3. Scan deleted messages and recover messages to iPhone or computer

Recover deleted text messages on iPhone

Recover deleted text messages on iPhone


We’ve listed the methods that we think would be helpful to fix the iOS 11 messages disappear problem. And compared with the traditional Apple restore method, the professional data recovery app offers you a secure way to recover iPhone messages no matter whether you have backup or not. If you have some better idea on iPhone data recovery, please let us know by leaving your comments. If you want to have a try on iOS Data Recovery, you can download the free trial version.

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