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Apple quickly released a new minor software update –  iOS 11.2.1 to fix previous bugs, such as Home app issue. But at the same time this software update also brings new issues. After updating to iOS 11.2.1, some users reported their data accidentally disappeared from iOS device, just like the Twitter content described below.

If you also encountered data loss issue after updating to iOS 11.2.1 and lost contacts, call history, pictures or some other content on your iPhone iPad, is there some method to get back them? In this how-to tutorial, we’ll talk about how to recover the data you lost after updating to iOS 11.2.1.

How to Recover iOS 11.2.1 Disappeared/Missing Data to iPhone iPad

Step 1. Make sure the WiFi works well on your iPhone iPad, and there is a good network connection to download data from Apple server.

Step 2. Check whether you are using the correct account to login iCloud, App Store, iTunes Store on your iPhone iPad.

Step 3. Check iCloud sync. If you are using iCloud sync, check whether you turn on the items you are using, such as Contacts, Calendars, Reminders, Notes Safari.

Step 4. Restart your iPhone iPad to refresh your whole Apple software system.

Step 5. If you still cannot get back lost data. You can use the free trial of iOS data reocvery to check whether there are some lost data on your iTunes backup or iCloud backup. If you use iTunes to backup your device, you can check recent iTunes backups. If you use iCloud, you can check the iCloud backup. If there are some lost data, you can choose directly restore from the backup. Or use iOS data recovery upgrade version to selectively restore your wanted items back to your device.

If you still cannot get back the iOS 11.2.1 deleted data, be free to post your issues on the comment sections for discussion.

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14 responses to “Lost Data After iOS 11.2.1 Update? Recover them with 6 steps”

  1. Tyler Maisonneuve says:

    My entire phone has been reset because of this update. It is saying to connect to itunes to restore, i have never used itunes to backup this device.

  2. Flavia says:

    I just updated 11.2.1 version. And after this all my contacts gone!! I didn’t back up in iCloud. Please reply and tell me what to do with this!!!

  3. Nena zaki says:

    I can’t get my Twitter account after update the IOS 11.2.1 please help me to get my account back

  4. Patty Reid says:

    After my upgrade Wednesday night any new photo I take disappears. You can see it right after it’s taken and then within seconds it’s gone. Nothing has made it to iCloud either. My EarthLink unread messages also disappeared. This is ridiculous. I have an “old” iPhone. A 7 I purchased at the end of July.

    • Mandy Joyce says:

      It seems strange, Patty. Usually the photos you took will be stored on your iPhone hardware so that they will disappear next time when you want to have a look. If you can’t fix it by following the tips on this article. I guess that it’s the hardware issue. And you have to take your iPhone to have a hardware check on nearby Apple repair store.

  5. David Weidenfeller says:

    i hate Apple anymore. Endless updates that screw up everything. I recently did the damn 11.2.1 uodate and now all my notes with all my passwords are gone. I simply don’t trust them any longer nd we are moving company wide to different products. Too bad Steve Jobs died, with him so did his dream.

    • Mandy Joyce says:

      Sorry about the notes disappearing. So next time make sure to backup your whole device. iOS upgrade always brings data loss because of failing to do a restore at the end of the upgrading process.

  6. Kathryn Bridge says:

    I don’t even have a contacts option in my phone anymore after the update. How do I get that back?

    • Mandy Joyce says:

      Try to hard reset your iPhone by holding on both Home and Sleep/Wake buttons for some seconds until you see the Apple Logo.

  7. Doug says:

    I had extensive research data in “Notes”. All deleted when I upgraded to ios 11.2.5 This is devastating! Can I recover? What is wrong with you people?

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