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“After updating my iPhone 7 to iOS 11.2.5, I noted that iMessages won’t load old messages. I am very sure I never delete any single of texts. Any advice to make iMessage load earlier messages?”

For variety of reasons, there are many times that we need to view our chatting history in iMessage. So we usually keep iPhone messages and iMessages as long as possible, unless we need to delete some messages from iPhone to keep protect privacy. However, problems like text messages disappearing from iPhone or iMessage not loading old messages occurs quite a lot after iOS update. If your iPhone won’t load old messages after iOS 11.2.5 update, follow this article to learn 5 solutions to fix the problem of old messages not showing on iPhone.

5 Solutions to Fix iMessages Won’t Load Old Messages after iOS 11 Upgrade

Solution 1.Check network condition

Firstly, you should check your network condition. If network connection is unstable and bad, which probably leads to iMessages not loading old messages on iPhone. Hence, make sure your cellular data or Wi-Fi connection is stable and works well, then have a try again and wait patiently.

Solution 2. Reset all settings on iPhone

Some users have fixed old messages not showing on iPhone by resetting all settings. So, you can give this method a try and see whether it works for you. Head to Settings > General > Reset > Reset All Settings.

Reset all settings to fix iMessages won't load old messages in iOS 11

Reset all settings to fix iMessages won’t load old messages in iOS 11.2.5

Solution 3. Check storage space on your iPhone

If you iPhone is almost out of storage, there may be not enough room for iMessages to load old texts. To check this, proceed to Settings > General > Storage& iCloud Usage > Manage Storage. If storage is in short, remove some large files like unwanted music or videos to reclaim iPhone storage for saving your messages.

Solution 4. Restore from iTunes/iCloud

If you ever backed up iPhone to iTunes/iCloud regularly, there will be a large possibility for you to recover old messages by restoring from a recent backup. Before doing a whole restore, it’s better to create a new backup for your iPhone to keep a copy of current data in case you need them in future.

iMessage not loading old messages? Restore iPhone from iTunes

iMessage not loading old messages? Restore iPhone from iTunes to get them back

To learn the detailed steps about how to restore from a backup, we commend you this post: how to restore iPhone from iTunes and iCloud.

Solution 5. Retrieve from iPhone directly via iPhone data recovery software

If you have no backup at hand, or don’t want to restore your entire device, you can still get old messages back to iPhone with third-party iPhone data recovery software like iOS Data Recovery.

Your Best iOS Data Recovery Solution

Never lose a file again! iOS Data Recovery make it extremely easy for you to salvage 30+ types of iOS data and files on iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Download iOS Data Recovery Now Available for Windows & Mac

With advanced iPhone data recovery technology, iOS Data Recovery software lets you get back your iPhone messages even if you don’t have any backups. It is able to securely scan most data from iPhone directly and let you recover messages as well as other important iOS contents like contacts, photos, videos and more. Compatible with iOS 11.2.5 or earlier iOS version, iOS Data Recovery supports recovering messages from all iPhone models including iPhone X and iPhone 8/8 Plus. Here are detailed steps to recover missing iPhone messages using iOS Data Recovery:

Step 1. Download and install this tool on your computer.

Step 2. Run this app, connect you iPhone to computer with USB cable, select “Recover from iOS Device”. Then, click forward icon to analyze your iPhone.

Recover old messages from iOS device directly

Recover old messages from iOS device directly

Step 3. After analyzing, on the left side, you can click “Messages” to see texts details. Pick up your needed ones, and save them directly to your iPhone or computer by clicking the bottom right corner.

How to recover old messages from iPhone directly

How to recover old messages from iPhone directly

In addition to recover old messages from iOS device, iOS Data Recovery software also supports extract messages and iMessages from iTunes or iCloud backup without restoring your device. iPhone won’t load old messages after iOS 11 update? Download iOS Data Recovery to easily get back your missing messages now!

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