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As a handy communicating tool, iMessage lets you easily send texts, images, videos and contacts card to your Apple friends and family over Wi-Fi or cellular data. However, some valuable iMessage conversations will get missing for mistaken deletion, iPhone broken or iOS update failure. When facing iMessages loss, some of you may tend to get them back from iTunes by restoring iPhone. While, part of you are not likely to choose this way because you don’t want your iPhone data and settings erased by iTunes, or you just have no available iPhone backup.

Therefore, in this tutorial, we offer you one powerful iPhone messages recovery tool – iOS Data Recovery, to help you recover deleted iMessages on iPhone 7/7 plus, or newly-released iPhone 8/8 Plus/X, no matter you have backup or not. This tool can smartly analyze your iPhone and find your deleted iMessages. And it can also retrieve your cleared iMessages in iTunes backup without resetting iPhone. Now, you can get this tool installed on your computer and follow the below steps to begin your recovery process.

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How to Recover Deleted iMessages on iPhone 8/8 Plus/X

Part 1. How to recover deleted iMessages on iPhone without backup

Step 1. Launch this app on computer , plug in your iPhone via data cable, choose “Recover from iOS Device”. Then, click right arrow to securely analyze your iPhone data.

Retrieve deleted imessages from iOS device

Retrieve deleted iMessages on iPhone from iOS device

Step 2. After analyzing, on the left side, all your backup contents are viewable, such as contacts, call history and calendar. You can click “Messages” to check all your iMessages with the exact info of sending time and recipients, pick up your desired ones and retrieve them to your iPhone or computer by clicking the bottom right corner.
Recover deleted iMessages from backup

Recover deleted iMessages on iPhone from backup

Part 2. How to retrieve cleared iMessages conversations from backup

If you ever backed up your iPhone to iTunes, you can recover your cleared iMessages conversations by click “Recover from iTunes Backup” and follow the onscreen instructions to finish the whole recovery progress.

Recover deleted iMessages from iTunes backup

Recover deleted iMessages on iPhone from iTunes backup

When you choose to export your iMessages to computer, iOS Data Recovery supports saving your retrieved messages as readable formats of HTML and CSV, by which, it’s convenient for you to read, edit and print them.

Besides retrieving iMessages from iPhone and iTunes backup, this app is also competent for recovering other deleted or lost iPhone data and files like contacts, notes, call history, etc. And iOS Data Recovery can also recover iMessages history from iCloud backup without need of restoring the whole device. So why not download it now and have a free trial?

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