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“Ok so my wife and I share an apple ID. We share it on the both Iphones and both Mac Book Pro’s. She was on her computer today and deleted all the bookmarks that weren’t hers. So when i fire up my Mac Book none of my bookmarks are there. Please tell me there is a way to recover them. Please help.”

Just like the Apple user reported, it often occurs that you may lose your bookmarks in iPhone Safari for many reasons like accidental deletion, system crash and iPhone damage. If you just manually removed Safari bookmarks from iPhone, as fact, they are not gone forever because system smartly marks them as deletion and hides them, that’s why they are invisible to you. So these cleared bookmarks still exist on your iPhone and you have opportunity to find and get them back if they haven’t been overwritten. But how to find and recover the hidden bookmarks on iPhone? To achieve this, you need the third-party iPhone data extracting/retrieving tool, and iOS Data Recovery performs well as such a tool.

Compatible with iPhone 5/6/SE/7/7 plus and all iOS versions including the iOS 10.3 final version, this tool can intelligently analyze your iPhone and find the hidden Safari bookmarks, so that you are able to recover them from your iPhone directly. Besides, it is capable of retrieving them to computer and saving them as some readable formats of CSV and HTML for a easy reading and printing. And below, we offer you a step-by-step guide about how to use it.

How to recover deleted Safari bookmarks from iPhone directly

Step 1. Get this app installed on your Windows/Mac, open it and plug in iPhone via data cable.

Step 2. Select “Recover from iOS Device” and click forward icon to securely analyze your iPhone.

Recover deleted Safari bookmarks from iOS device

Recover deleted Safari bookmarks from iOS device

Step 3. After analyzing, click “Safari Bookmarks” to check your bookmarks with the info of title and URL, use filter to get only deleted items, pick up your needed ones and retrieve them to your iPhone or computer by clicking the bottom right corner.

How to recover bookmarks in Safari from iPhone directly

How to recover bookmarks in Safari from iPhone directly

Besides bookmarks, iOS Data Recovery is also competent for finding other deleted data like contacts, notes, and call history from iPhone directly. If your deleted Safari bookmarks were overwritten, or your bookmarks just got missing due to system crash, or iPhone loss, it also offers you a good chance to retrieve them from iTunes/iCloud backup files. So why not download iOS Data Recovery now to give it a try?

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