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“I updated iPhone to 10.3.3 and all of my WhatsApp messages disappeared from my iPhone 6s. How can I recover my deleted WhatsApp data from my iPhone?”

WhatsApp, as one of your most used iOS apps, stores so many chats, voices and attached files. Some of these WhatsApp data are junk you are suggested to clean, and some are valuable things that you’d like to save. If you lost the valuable part of your WhatsApp history after updating to the latest software – iOS 10.3.3 or iOS 11 beta, how can you get them back?

In general, iCloud-connected iOS devices will auto create backups when connecting to Wi-Fi. If you have backups, they you have chance to get back your lost conversations on iOS WhatsApp. And in this post, we’ll use one iOS data recovery software to access your iOS backups and find back your deleted WhatsApp messages and data that you lost after iOS 10.3.3 update.

iOS Data Recovery  is compatible with both Windows and Mac. Before we start to recover the messages, let’s download this tool to computer first.

How to Recover WhatsApp Messages from iCloud [3 Steps]

This part tells you how to use iOS Data Recovery to access iCloud backups and find deleted WhatsApp data in iOS backups (applies to iOS 10.3.3, and other updates of iOS 10.)

Step 1. Run this recovery tool on your computer, and connect your iOS device to computer with USB data cable. After, choose “Recover from iCloud” and go to next.

Recover deleted messages from iCloud

Recover deleted WhatsApp data from iCloud

Step 2. Login your iCloud and you’ll see the below screenshot, just select one backup and download them to your computer. After downloading, select the backup and go to next.

Select iCloud backup and scan deleted WhatsApp messages

Select iCloud backup and scan deleted WhatsApp messages

Step 3. This recovery tool will load data on your iOS backup and group data into categories. On the left, scroll down to the bottom, and you can click WhatsApp and WhatsApp Attachments to preview all data in iOS backup. If you find your deleted messages, you can select them and click the Recovery button to recover them.

Save deleted WhatsApp chats and attaches to computer

Save deleted WhatsApp chats and attaches to computer

How to Recover WhatsApp Messages from iTunes on PC/Mac

If you ever created iTunes backups, your WhatsApp conversations might be stored there. Usually, you have to erase your iPhone and then restore your device from backup to see whether the backup contains your lost WhatsApp messages. Now the process because simple with iOS Data Recovery. You can use this tool to easily view contents on iTunes backup and analyze your deleted App data without resetting and restoring your device.

How Recover Deleted iPhone Photos From iTunes Backup

How Recover Data From iTunes Backup

Besides retrieving WhatsApp data from backups, this recovery tool can retrieving other types of data. In addition, if this app can retrieve some contents directly by scanning your device, which is very helpful when you have no backups.

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