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iPhone Notes app is a useful tool for you to arrange your daily affairs, such as shopping lists, business appointments, travelling schedules, etc. If you plan to buy a new iPhone 8 this September, you probably don’t want to miss any important affairs in Notes app on your old iPhone and expect to get them to new iPhone 8. But how to make it? If you have backed up your iPhone to iTunes, you can restore from iTunes backup to get your notes when setting up iPhone. While, this method will restore other unwanted data like photos and videos to your iPhone 8 and take up much storage, which you may don’t like.

Luckily, this problem will be easily solved with the help of iOS Data Recovery, one comprehensive data recovery/extract tool running on PC or Mac. This tool allows you to export only notes to your iPhone. Moreover, it is completely compatible with all iOS versions including iOS 10.3.3 and iOS 11. Now, you can get this tool installed on your PC/Mac and start to get notes from iTunes backup by following the below steps.

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How to Get Notes from iTunes Backup to New iPhone

Step 1. Open this app on computer, connect your iPhone to computer with data cable, and select “Recover from iTunes Backup”. Then, click right arrow to scan your iTunes backup.

Retrieve notes from iTunes backup

Retrieve notes from iTunes backup

Step 2. After scan, you can see all iTunes backups that you made for your iDevice, with the details of backup size, date and iOS version. Then, you can choose a relevant one based on the details and click Next button to proceed.

Choose one related backup you need

Choose one related backup you need

Step 3. Now, you are in your selected iTunes backup page. On the left panel, there is a list of backup contents like call history, voicemail, reminders, etc. You can click “Notes” to preview all your notes with info of the specific affairs, pick up your needed ones and click the bottom right corner to save them to your iPhone or computer.

Extract notes from iPhone backup

Extract notes from iTunes backup

Note: If you have added photos to notes on iPhone iPad in iOS 10/9/8, you can also click “Note Attachment” in step 3 to check all your notes pictures and export your wanted items to your computer.

If you choose your Windows/Mac as your contacts retrieving destination, this software will save your extracted notes as some readable formats of TEXT, HTML and CSV, so that you are able to read, edit and print them with ease.

iOS Data Recovery supports extracting not only notes from iTunes backup, but also other iPhone data and files like contacts, photos and messages. In addition, it is also capable of retrieving data from iCloud backup to your iPhone iPad or computer freely. So why not download it now and have a free trial?

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