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If you accidentally lose some important information or documents on your android phone, you definitely will try everything you can think of to retrieve the lost data. And dr.fone may be one of Android data recovery apps you are willing to use to recover your data. In this post, I will share my opinion on dr.fone for android and tell you the pros and cons of this app so that you can make a decision whether to use it.

Test Wondershare dr.fone to recover deleted data on my Sony Xperia Z

Test Wondershare dr.fone to recover deleted data on my Sony Xperia Z

What Dr.Fone Can Do to Recover Your Android Data

Dr.Fone for Android Data Recovery is one nice app developed by Wondershare. It is able to recover photos, videos, contacts, messages, call history, documents, audio and WhatsApp from Android phones, Android tablets and the SD cards. (It supports most of Android device brand, including Samsung, LG, HTC, etc.)

I’ve used Dr.Fone for Android to recover my deleted files on my Sony Xperia not long ago. In my opinion, it is easy to use and it did recover something from my Android phone internal memory. Though it cannot get back everything I deleted.


  1. The recovery process is simple. It runs on both Windows and Mac. After you run this app and connect your Android device to computer, you can use it to scan, preview and recover your lost data.
  2. It supports most of smartphone brands and models. I tested it to recovery data on my Samsung Galaxy S8 and my workmate’s LG G5. The result shows it is perfectly compatible with this devices.
  3. It’s good at recovering messages, call logs and contacts.
  4. It is safe and not some malware, you can easily uninstall it from your computer if you don’t like it.
  5. 7-days money back guarantee and full-time technique support.


  1. Cannot recover all my deleted files and information.
  2. It is not free ($49.95 for Lifetime use).
  3. If you don’t root your device, you may not get some deleted data on your Android.

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How I Test Dr.Fone to Recover Deleted Data from Android Phone

This is how I use dr.fone for Android to recover deleted data from my Sony on my Windows computer (If you are using one Mac, the recover process is similar). And before this test, I rooted my Android device and I deleted some useless contacts, messages and photos on my device. Now let’ see how this software work to find them back.

Step 1. I connect my device to computer, run dr.fone, and choose Recover.

Click Recover to recover data on android

Click Recover to recover data on android

Step 2. This software quickly popped up another window and started connecting my device. After that, it showed the below interface to require me to select the type of files to recover. I selected all of these file types and clicked “Next”.

Scan only contacts on your Android phone

Scan only contacts on your Android phone

Step 3. After I clicked next, it required me to select scanning mode. I selected “Scan for deleted files only” and clicked “Next” to continue the recovery.

Scan for deleted files only

Scan for deleted files only

Step 4. It got my device info and dr.fone started to analysis my device. In the process, it asked me to allow the SuperUser permission for dr.fone to scan the deleted data. And I allowed the permission.

Recover Deleted Text Messages from Android - 2

Allow superuser permission for dr.fone

Note: The rooted android device will auto-install one app named SuperUser app to manage the superuser permission for all apps on your device.

Step 5. The analyzing and scanning will takes some minutes or hours, which mainly depends on how many files you are going to scan and the read speed of your Android hardware.

Scan deleted data with dr.fone

Scan deleted data with dr.fone

Step 6. After scan, dr.fone found most of my deleted data, including text messages, contacts, call history, videos, audios and documents. All of the categories listed on the left side of this the scan result. And I can click any of them to preview the deleted items. However I am not a pro version user. So I can see only part of my deleted items.

Preview and recover deleted data from Sony with dr.fone

Preview and recover deleted data from Sony with dr.fone

As the screenshot shows above, dr.fone is not perfect because the scan result may show you incorrect information, such as the Message sender and the time. Beside, I found it’s hard for this app to recover categories like videos and pictures. After I check the scan result, it didn’t include my deleted pictures and videos.


Wondershare dr.fone can be a good data recovery tool to recover contacts, messages, and call history on Android phone. But it’s a little hard to recover back your deleted media files with this tool. It is safe and easy to use, without any risks. And anyone who want to recover android data could have a try one this software.

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