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Question: “I’ve made a terrible mistake, I wanted to free up some space (GB) so I randomly deleted some files. Now all my text messages were lost!! Is there a method going to help me retrieve the messages I randomly deleted??? I seriously need help!!! I have an Lg G4. Thank you.”

The lost data can be easily retrieved if you’ve ever backed up your LG G4 with Google Drive or some other backup tools – you can restore from the backup to get the deleted messages.

However, if you didn’t backup text messages on your LG smartphone, no matter it is G4 or G5/G6/V20 , it seems hard to salvage what you’ve deleted unless you use some professional data recovery tools. Next, we’ll introduce something about Android data recovery and tell you how to use this kind of app to recover deleted text messages from LG phone.

How to Recover Deleted Text Messages from LG Phone with Recovery Tool

Actually, your accidentally deleted messages are not erased immediately from your device unless they are overwritten by other data files. Therefore, the android data recovery app can analysis your device to get out those deleted message conversations, and show these messages on their app for recovering.

To make you know how these apps work, below I will use one of these app – Wondershare dr.fone for android to recover deleted messages from one Android device.

Step 1. Install this app on computer (This app supports both Windows and Mac). Run it and click Recovery to use its recovery function.

Click Recover to recover data on android

Click Recover to recover data on android

Step 3. Connect phone to computer with USB cable. Allow develop USB debugging to continue the process.

Step 4. Select the data types I want to recover and click Next. (I selected all types, of course, you can select some specific data types.)

Scan only contacts on your Android phone

Select file type

Step 4. If you’ve rooted your device before, it will pop up one window while analyzing your device, requiring you to allow Super User permission. If you didn’t root your LG phone, you are suggested to read this post, what is rooting, the advantages and disadvantages of rooting Android, and determine whether to root your device. (If you don’t root your device, you may not get your deleted text messages.)

Recover Deleted Text Messages from Android - 2

This app tell you how to allow Superuser request on your device.

Step 5. This app will scan the deleted data after it get the Superusers permission. And after the scan process, it will show you the scan result. You can choose Messages to preview the deleted text messages. If there are some items you want to recover, you can select them and click Recover to retrieve them.

Preview and recover deleted data from Sony with dr.fone

Preview and recover deleted text messages

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