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To protect your important data and privacy information on your iPhone, you used iTunes to create an encrypted iPhone backup. However, unfortunately you forgot the password used to decrypt the iPhone backup. Now you can’t backup and restore with iTunes on your computer. And you may lose all of the files on the backup files forever. So how to retrieve the iTunes backup password?

iTunes Backup Password

iTunes Backup Password

It’s so difficult to unlock the iPhone backup if there is no the password. And below we offer you 3 options that we think could help you get back the backup password quickly.

3 Options to Recover iPhone/iTunes Backup Password

Option 1. Manually try all possible passwords you can think of

For recovering your iPhone backup password, the most simple and commonly reflection is to manually try possible passwords you can think of one by one. Whether this method can successfully help you find out the right password or not depends on your luck, that’s why we also called this method as “Recover with destiny”.

Top 50 Most Used Passwords

Top 50 Most Used Passwords You Can Have A Try  (Image Credit:

Option 2. Recover with Keychain if the iTunes backup is on your Mac

The possibility of using Option 1 to successfully recover iPhone backup password is uncertain, while this method has 25% possibility of success. Why? There are two limited conditions, one is that you’re a Mac user, the other one is that you have saved your iPhone backup password with Keychain when you created it via iTunes. If you meet these two conditions, you can easily recover your iPhone backup password with Keychain, and here is what to do:

Step 1: Open Application on your Mac computer> Utilities > Keychain Access.

Step 2: In the search field enter “iPhone” and look for a keychain item named iPhone Backup.

iPhone backup Keychain

iPhone backup Keychain

Step 3: Double-click the iPhone Backup, a window will pop up, tick the “Show password” checkbox. Keychain password will be asked, enter it and click Allow.

Then, you’ll see your iPhone Backup password in the pop up window.

Keychain record your iTunes backup password

Keychain record your iTunes backup password

Option 3. Use professional iTunes backup unlocker.

This Option guarantees 80% – 100% recovery success because it will use some professional iPhone backup password recovery tools (iPhone Backup Unlocker) to recover and crack encrypted iPhone backup password in an easy way. These apps will automatically try all possible characters combinations to unlock the backup file, and the recover time depends on the length and complexity of your password. If above 2 options fail to recover your password, iPhone Backup Unlocker app is your ultimate choice. Plus, it’s risk-free and easy-to-use, without damage to device and backup data.

How to use iPhone backup unlocker to recover iTunes backup password?

Generally, it will provide several attack types, like Brute-force attack (for completely know nothing about the password), Mask attack(for still remember part of the password), Dictionary attack, and Smart attack. Only 3 simple steps, you can get your lost backup password back: Choose your encrypted iPhone backup file; Select an attack type and set attributes; Click “Start” button and begin the recover process.

How to recover iTunes backup password

How to recover iTunes backup password (image credit:


Both these 3 methods can recover your iPhone backup password, but as you can see, the recovery rate is different. Option 1 is uncertain, Option 2 is 25%, and Option 3 is 80%. According to your own situation, you can choose the best one to have a try. Hope you find out your iPhone backup password as soon.

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